10 million euros for beaches

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment has tendered and awarded service contracts for the drafting of two great projects for Marbella and Nerja’s beaches. Moreover, there was an announcement regarding the service contract signing for the drafting of another project, well on its way, in Rincón de la Victoria. The estimated amount of funds for carrying out these three projects is about 10 million euros.
The signing ceremony was held at the Government Representation Office. Jorge Hernandez Mollar, Authorizing Officer, Elijah Bendodo, president of Costa del Sol’s Tourist Board and president of the Council, the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, and the Mayors of Rincon de la Victoria and Nerja, Francisco Salado and José Alberto Armijo, respectively attended the ceremony. Angel González, Chief of Coastal Authority also attended.

Everyone agreed about the importance of these projects and the “satisfaction” derived from their being carried out. To this regard, Bendodo stressed the importance of these investments for the area’s tourism industry, which “is the main industry of Málaga”.

“We are talking about growth, from the tourism business perspective, and therefore, from an economic perspective”, said the president of the Costa del Sol’s Tourism Board. He also added that they are measures “expected for a long time, but more than anything, promised a long time ago”. “It had to be during Mariano Rajoy’s term as president of Government that these measures, long demanded have become a reality”, he added. He also stressed that "everything that is invested in tourism has a positive effect," since it is "the main industry of the province and of Andalusia".

The Government’s deputy Minister explained that the draft of the Coastal Edge Stabilization Project between Guadaiza and Guadalmina, in Marbella, was awarded in late July to Iberport Consulting SA. The amount awarded for the service contract is 56.265 euros and the estimated amount for the project’s completion after drafting is between three and four million euros, execution time for the service contract being 12 months.

Among this project’s aims are the rehabilitation and stabilization of the beaches in areas where the coastline is receding. In addition, there will be an analysis of the steps needed to reach a solution for the receding shoreline problem, as well as fixing or eliminating existing rock deposits in some areas of the submerged beach, among other actions.

Marbella’s town Mayor has stressed the great satisfaction felt because “of the project of this nature”, and reminded everyone that, to the town this had been “a demand from long ago”. She also said that the end result would be a boardwalk that stretches the whole 27 kilometers of shoreline the municipality has”.

In addition, the service contract to draft the project of Rincón de la Victoria, for the environmental recovery of Torre de Benagalbón will be awarded in the next few days. The total award price for the service contract will be determined when the contract is awarded, and the estimated amount to execute the project after the drafting is 3.500.000 euros, the execution time for the service contract being estimated as 11 months.

In this case, the aims are the recovery of the Marine Terrestrial Public Domain (MTPD) and transit easement by the construction of a pedestrian walkway and bicycle path along the coastal front belonging to the beaches of Torre de Benagalbón and Rubios. It also entails the construction of a bridge across the River Benalgalbón and the relocation of facilities to generate new areas free of occupation, among others.

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