Newly invented Speed Bump installed in Marbella

8 December 2014

A thirty-four year old entrepreneur from Villanueva de Tapia in Malaga has created a new speed bump type that hardens or softens in response to the vehicle’s oncoming speed. This invention has recently been installed in La Canada shopping centre in Marbella.

The so called speed Intelligent Speed Bump contains a liquid which remains fluid when a vehicle at low speed goes over it, but becomes solid when the speed is greater. If you drive over it slowly, the liquid is displaced and the bump losses height. If you go faster, the substance becomes solid and doesn't warp.

A high-strength material that supports the weight of the blows from vehicles and pedestrians covers the speed bump. It is made of materials that are non-toxic or polluting and are designed to withstand fairly severe temperature changes.

The inventor developed the inner fluid five years ago. Since then, he has been perfecting the coating materials for the speed bump, he explained. The device is designed to regulate traffic in parking lots and low-traffic areas, as in pedestrian streets or semi pedestrian streets and subdivisions.

The device is intended to reward drivers who respect speed limits, since the bumps are barely noticeable, while those who exceed the speed limit will feel it as a normal speed bump. This invention received an award in 2010, the National Road Safety Award given by the Foundation for Traffic Safety. That same year, it won the Award for Innovation in Road Safety at the Intertraffic Fair in Amsterdam.