Agreement to be reached regarding sharing of clients in taxi sector

24 September 2014

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has stated that it has not stopped working towards the implementation of the resolutions adopted last February for the taxi sector in the city of Malaga regarding the conflict generated by the sharing of customers between the taxi drivers in the capital city and the provincial drivers, particularly with regard to airport transfers. However, they have explained that the issues are not so simple and they require legal reports, studies and some bureaucratic formalities.

Taxi drivers in Malaga have already urged the Department of Development to get a specific date during the month of September to implement the new plan, which would allow them to pick up pre-arranged passengers in those towns with taxi drivers that also work at Malaga airport, the seaport and the María Zambrano train station.
They also asked for information regarding the configuration of the area for joint provision in the airport’s area of influence. If this does not transpire they will likely convene a meeting with the rest of the taxi sector, not ruling out demonstrations and even strikes.

Jose Antonio Mate, president of the Unified Association of Independent Cab Drivers of Málaga said in regards to this matter that they had already sent two letters on July 4th and August 18th to the CEO of Mobility of Junta de Andalucía, José Luiz Ordoñez, requesting information, without having received any answers as of yet.