Costal railway has been planned - again

27 March 2015

The Coastal Railway or Costa del Sol Corridor is an old project started by Manuel Chaves in 2004. Now, the PSOE party wants to revitalize it, but the funding is up to Spanish central government and Europe. What will La Junta offer and what do you think about the proposal for it to be extended to the Eastern Coast?

What the Ministry wants is to extend the commuter train service to Marbella, without tunnels, but this project would be very difficult to associate with the Coastal Railway for Costa del Sol, as proposed by the regional government. The new train is a more ambitious project, to be mainly underground, which would provide a hybrid service between suburban, middle distance and high speed. The planning of the projected route between Estepona and Fuengirola has been finalized. The arrival of the PP to the Government stopped the infrastructure and discarded it. In 2014 it was proposed to Rajoy to include the railway corridor of Costa del Sol in the list of projects eligible to receive European funding via the Juncker plan. It has been opposed by some in other areas of the costal transport industry, especially taxi drivers who provide Airport transfers.