Estepona road paving plan underway

10 April 2015

In spite of rainy weather and the Easter holidays, Estepona has completed 40% of it's Second Plan for Road Paving. To date, twenty of the fifty-one roads included in the plan have been completed. Among these, two are major gateways to Estepona: Avenida Litoral and Juan Carlos I.

After analysing the needs of streets that were left out of the plan, the local council has announced that they are currently drafting the third phase of the paving plan. “We are aware that there are parts of the town and the suburbs that need improvements, because they were neglected by previous government teams for many years” said the councilor.

The road paving works included in the plan have focused on the town centre, and before the month is over, there will be construction on the following streets: Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez, Pilar de Farinós, María Magdalena, Fuerzas Armadas, Tajo, Mar y Sierra, Valle Inclán and Plaza Virgen del Mar. After completing this phase, workers will transfer their focus on to fixing roads of the outer town areas.