European diplomats visit Malaga and Marbella

23 April 2015

Diplomats from 19 different countries, including Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and Poland, will visit Malaga and then go on to transfer to Marbella on Thursday and Friday morning.

This EU delegation will consist of 15 ambassadors based in Madrid (including Germany, France and Poland) and four members of the diplomatic corps of the EU. During the first day, the diplomats, who will arrive in Malaga at around 11 am will be received at the town Hall. They will have lunch at the Botanical Garden of La Concepción and will transfer to the Picasso Museum and the Pompidou Centre.

The aim of the visit is for the ambassadors, who tend not to travel much, to get a chance to tour Spain. Malaga is the first city not being a autonomous community’s capital to welcome this initiative. The tour was organized a year and a half ago after learning that Latvia would hold the rotating presidency of the EU.