January tourist figures up 3.7% on year

February 26 2015

The tourist board of the Costa del Sol hopes for significant growth in the foreign tourism sector during this year with a whopping 3.5% predicted. This growth would mean the arrival of approximately of over 6 million international visitors. This momentum is very close to what’s expected globally with 10.5 million tourists, up 3.7%.

During last year, 6.1 million foreign tourists visited Malaga, an increase of 5%, meaning 300,000 more tourists in all different types of accommodations (hotels, residential, friends and family’s homes, etc.)

Elias Bendodo, president of Costa del Sol Tourism pointed out the transfer of confidence shown by major foreign issues in this destinations and he detailed that both strategic markets (Germany or UK) and other traditional ones (Nordic countries) have yielded increases in passengers arriving in Málaga’s airport up to 14%.

The Ministry of Industry recently has announced that during the month of January, Spain received 3.2 million foreign tourists, an increase of 3.6% when compared to 2014. The upward trend that continues as shown by the survey of tourist movement at the border is also reflected in the number of foreign visitors in Andalucía. Their number has increased by a hefty 11.6% during the same period.