Las Dunas to become Marbella's top hotel

The owners of the business group Naturhouse have recently purchased the five star hotel Las Dunas, located in Estepona, Marbella to create their first health luxury resort in Malaga province. Naturhouse has twenty years experience in the world of nutrition and dietetics. To this end, they have formed Health House Group, a new business division in the tourism sector, which will have headquarters in Marbella. The president of Naturhouse explained yesterday that this new hotel group has in mind a large project to transform the hotel Las Dunas into the very best of its kind in the Mediterranean area.

To do so, the new owners will invest between 35 and 40 million euros to cover the purchase of the Marbella hotel, the reform needed to bring it up to date and the new medical services. Health House Las Dunas will generate a hundred new qualified jobs, including medical positions, dietitians and hotel personnel.

The hotel had been in the process of being foreclosed. The new owner’s plans are to be able to start business in February or March next year, with 55 updated fully operational suites, in addition to new services focused on new weight loss techniques, anti-stress, beauty and well being treatments. The experience of Naturhouse, which owns health stores, that have been visited by more than six million customers, will be applied to all the new services.

The Health House Group wants to target their business to a high social standing tourist sector, with high purchasing power and to jump right into the main international tourism markets, both traditional ones as well as emerging ones, among them Russia, China or Arab Emirates.

Health House Las Dunas will be their cover letter for a business line that once it gets launched in Costa del Sol, hopes to expand to other high standing areas, like the French Riviera or Sardinia. “it is a very well studied project, in which we have been working for a while and for which we wanted to select an emblematic hotel, such as Las Dunas”, he said. This hotel, located at the beach between the towns of Marbella and Estepona, also has facilities, which had been used during its heyday as a beauty and health clinic. It has a spa, and it is surrounded by a large garden showcasing a large variety of subtropical plants.

Marbella Taxis will continue to provide high quality airport transfers from Malaga airport to the Hotel Las Dunas in Marbella.