Malaga airport connects Marbella to the world

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Jose Bernal, member of the Andalucian Parliament has asked to urge the Spanish government to back down from making AENA, the manager of Malaga airport, into a private inversion group. AENA is the company in charge of managing most Spanish airports. Bernal pointed out that since the beginning of the PP’s (Popular Party) legislation, airport taxing has gone up considerably, which in turn transfers plane tickets into more expensive items, and ultimately, it makes our tourism destination into “a much more expensive destination than others which we compete against”.

He also added that the recent decisions of the Popular Party regarding the management of Malaga airport have not been positive because “they have increased our deficit, in spite of the brutal cuts that have damaged our services and forced 100 workers out of their jobs at Malaga airport”.

"75% of tourists visiting Spain reach the destination via air, so we have to take special care of Malaga airport. It is the main source of tourists’ arrivals and transfers for Marbella and the Costa del Sol. That’s why we must oppose the privatization, which will worsen services and force higher prices than other destinations, which may cause us to lose potential tourists, "said Bernal.

PSOE will take a motion to City Council meeting for Marbella to side with the tourism group to "prevent the Government of Rajoy from dealing another blow against our economy." "I hope the Mayor and the PP’s team will act responsibly and ask that AENA remains in public hands because of what it will mean for Marbella" said Bernal.