Malaga increases it's cultural offering

14 February 2015

Malaga is becoming one of the principal cities in Europe concerning culture. Some of the new cultural offerings that will be available shortly include the opening of a new branch of the Pompidou Center, the incorporation of part of the Collection of the Russian Art of the State Museum of St. Petersburg, the first edition of FeriaArt Marbella and the Thyssen Museum in Malaga.

Thus, the council has already awarded three contracts: security, visitor management and coordination and management of activities and exhibits. These three areas are awarded 276.000 euros and to these they will be adding 700.000 euros for transportation. The city will save one million euros this way. The administration’s intent is to promote this initiative with the less possible expense.
Private investment will be one of the main ways of economic support during this transition. The town council has already managed to get six sponsors for the Pompidou Centre which will open in March. The sponsors will contribute nearly three million euros, according to reports from the administration.

According to the town’s mayor, Francisco de la Torre, funding will increase, since those providing help during the early years could opt to extend their help until 2019. He also stated that there are other companies that are interested in becoming sponsors from 2016, without giving more details because of a reached agreement.

Moreover, Malaga authorities informed that the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Madrid is holding a round of contacts with their members to leverage private resources for the Pompidou Center in Malaga. Some companies such as Air France and Targobank have already announced their becoming partners.

Thus, the Pompidou Center will be the first French cultural institution opened outside France and the only one located in Spain under an exclusive agreement. It is expected that 100.000 people a year will visit the center, or perhaps even more because of the positive trend of tourism in the Malaga area in recent years.