Marbella Council to help hotels that stay open all year long

25 November 2014

Marbella Town Council will offer tax cuts to hotels that stay open all year long, allowing them to better solve the financial situation during the year 2015, according to the town mayor, Angeles Muñoz. She met with representatives from the Business Association of Costa del Sol and during the meeting, the main issues of interest for this group regarding opening during winter season was addressed.

The council approved a linear cut of 10% in Property Tax (IBI) which will benefit all residents of Marbella, and up to 50% cut in Business Tax (IAE) for hotels and resorts open the entire year, especially between November and February, during the winter season.There is also a tax incentive planned for building permits and building tax, so that home improvements under 6000 euros will be tax free and won’t have to pay for a quite substantial building permit from the council. “Ultimately what this town council wants is to generate more economic movement in the town. If you save money in taxes, you can spend it in the town and this way, you help hotels so that they can hire more workers and create jobs”, said José Luis Hernández, councilman for Tourism.

Hernández also said that investors’ interest is growing from international businessmen when it comes to purchasing hotels in Marbella. “We know of very interesting offers in this regard, which means that Marbella is a safe bet within the tourism’ world”. José Carlos Escribano, president of Aehcos spoke about the importance of working together in the fight against illegal tourism market. “We are in favor of regulations regarding housing for tourists, of fair competition and for all to abide by the same rules”, he explained. Marbella Taxis certainly welcome these significant taxi breaks.