Marbella Even Cleaner

2 July 2014

Today in the morning, Eloy Ortega, Marbella’s councilman for Sanitation Eloy Ortega, kicked off a new edition of the "Marbella Even Cleaner" campaign. This year the campaign will feature a new section titled "Do It Like This", which seeks to inform all citizens about the rules regarding waste disposal and which also wants to thank all the citizens who do it the right way.

The councilman described the campaign as “very fresh and dynamic”. This campaign combines elements found in the street with computer graphics to make learning “more functional and pleasant”. The campaign focuses on the positive, doing away with signs such as “forbidden” and seeks to transfer awareness to both old and young people.

The campaign was designed both in English and Castilan Spanish. It has two distinct areas: one regarding sanitation with five essential rules and another block regarding recycling. In order to achieve their goals, two collage posters have been designed. They will be distributed by neighbor’ groups and in the town’s districts and they will be placed in garbage containers and ecological islands.

The new rules regarding sanitation include the schedule for disposing of waste, between 9:00 and 11:00 PM, cleaning and conservation of beaches, collection of large household items, a service that the town offers for free (a contact phone and hours is included). Included as well is information regarding disposing of construction debris and yard waste and proper disposal of dog waste in public spaces and parks.

The Environmental Center is located in the road to Ojén, and Marbella’s citizens are allowed to dump a total of one hundred kilos of construction debris a day, not to exceed five hundred a month. Regarding yard waste, the limit is ten kilos a day and up to eighty kilos a month.