Marbella targets tourists from China

Angeles Muñoz and José Luis Hernández, Marbella’s Mayor and Delegate of Tourism, made a recent tour to China which has allowed them to show Marbella as a tourism destination to a fast growing market, positioning the town to attract investors from this international tourism issuer, which is China.

Marbella, as Hernandez said during a recent press conference, started attracting people in the Chinese market a few years ago, via familiarization and cooperation trips with other institutions. However, the recent trip is a real turning point and a first step to becoming a regular destination for travelers from China.

"It will be a long journey until Chinese tourists presence in Marbella becomes an every day thing, but one thing is certain: we can consider this trip to be the first step towards that day”, said Hernández. He also pointed out that they are keeping their sights on cities such as Shenzhen, Canton and Guilin as potentially interesting cities because of their economic potential.

The Town Council has taken advantage of this initiative to invite and establish contacts with public and business people of the entire Southern China region. Their objective is for them travel to Marbella to get to know first hand what the town has to offer and the investment potential of Marbella.

Their strategy is based on centering their efforts in the most important cities in the country, from an economic standpoint and to transfer confidence to both the general public and also more famous business people. Then, "we have to get them to know the town”, according to the Mayor, who also pointed out that they are replicating what they did with the Russian market.