Marbella taxi drivers stay silent

25 Feb 2014

Marbella taxi drivers stay silent while their colleagues in the capital city decided not to accept the plan presented by the Junta last Friday to try to find a solution to the conflict. They did agree that the strike that will take place during the Holy Week holiday would cause tremendous damage to the Costa del Sol destination. That is what Victoriano Vazquez, president of Taxisol said. He opposes the measure of modulated reciprocity, as do the rest of the taxi drivers in the province of Malaga as well as taxi drives from Granada and Cádiz. Taxi drivers from the capital insist on this measure being approved, because if so, they would be allowed to pick up passengers all over the province who need rides to the airport.

The town councils and local associations agreed with the taxi drivers in their respective towns last week, drivers operating in the western area of the region have gone a step further. Last Monday they returned to claim the support of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, in her capacity as president of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP).

The petition has been directed as a written request presented to the Town Council and signed by the presidents of Taxisol, the Federation of Tourist Towns in the Costa del Sol and Torremolinos Self Employed Taxi Drivers and the Andalusian Federation of Business and Rural Taxi and Taxi Algeciras. The letter requested that Muñoz, as president of the FAMP, call for a meeting as soon as possible between industry representatives and officials of the Ministry of Public Works in Sevilla. Also, these four associations request the presence of Muñoz in the meeting. The associations do have the support of the mayor of Almuñécar , Trinidad Herrera (PP ), which on her own, has offered to accompany them to Sevilla when the meeting takes place. "We want to talk with the Board, we want to be heard and find out what will happen at Easter," says Vazquez. "The solution to the conflict lies with the politicians, not the taxi drivers," she stressed. "A strike during Holy Week not only will affect us, but will transfer to the whole image of the Costa del Sol as well” she warned.