Maybe an an end to Marbella's famous arch?

3 March 2014

Security nets have been installed in the archway on the East Side’s entry to Marbella. The nets were installed yesterday to try to avoid possible incidents because of the danger the now famous arch poses.

The last symbol of the “Gil era” is slowly falling because of problems in the structure. Water damage and the sea’s proximity have caused oxidation problems and the outside coat is peeling off, among other problems.

Marbella’s town council has asked for a study to analyze the problems in the archway. Once the study, which is being performed by specialists, is finished, the council will decide whether to keep it after fixing the problems, or to just demolish it.

It is not the first time Marbella encounters this problem. Back in 2010, a replica of the archway that welcomed visitors to the town coming from Estepona had to be demolished by the Public Works Ministry during the underground construction project of the A7 highway which transfers through San Pedro Alcántara.

The arch was an icon of the town for years but as it appears now, it might not last much longer.