New Starbucks opening in Marbella

16 May 2014

Starbucks Coffee is ready to begin expanding in the province. The multinational Coffee Company that, so far, only had a coffee shop at the airport, has announced the opening of two new stores in the capital city and in Puerto Banus, Marbella, before the summer.

The world's largest coffee shop company, which opened its only local shop in the province, coinciding with the opening of the new airport terminal’s T-3 in 2010, has spent months probing various locations in both locations. They finally decided to open the two new stores at the Corte Inglés at Avenida Andalucia and at Costa Marbella, located in the area of Puerto Banus.

Before opening the new stores, the company will have to solve several pending issues, such as the possibility of having direct access to the street, in order for customers to transfer directly from the street into the store, since the shopping centers are not open every day of the week nor have the same business hours as the coffee shops.

The news regarding the upcoming stores that were confirmed by company sources via Facebook has generated great expectation in the city. A lot of people want to work for a company such as this. Starbucks Coffee has offered fifteen job openings between the two stores. The jobs are for baristas (the person in charge of preparing coffee). The jobs have been posted in several job-searching websites. More than one thousand people have applied for one of the jobs. The job offer, no longer available, offered part time positions in exchange for a “big smile”.