Roads in Malaga are taken care of by new contracts

17 January 2014

The Ministry of Public Works has auctioned a service contract to implement various maintenance jobs and operation of provincial roads in the province of Malaga. As published in the Official State Gazette, the bidding budget is 21.5 million euros.

The contract includes the maintenance of various roads in Malaga, including the Marbella area, namely, the A-7 Mediterranean motoroway. Several roads in the metropolitan area of the city of Malaga are also included in this service contract, like MA-20 which goes around the west of Málaga- MA-21, MA-22 - port access- and MA-23 –new airport access road-, and N-345a.

Service contracts to implement maintenance and usage operations of provincial roads must transfer those activities that are necessary to maintain roads in good repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to do this, the road network is divided into sectors, each of which is governed by a contract of this type. Through these contracts several key issues are taken care of, such as communication services, security services, attention to accidents, and the keeping up road elements in good repair.

Other key maintenance issues are the systematic maintenance of electrical installations and lighting, both inside tunnels and in open areas, of variable signaling and traffic lights. Works of maintenance in winter include both preventive measures to avoid ice on the pavement by spreading de-icer substances such as salt and brine, and possibility to transfer snow from roads during the winter days.

Also included are the clearing of unwanted vegetation growing on the roadside, repairing of defects in the pavement, cleaning ditches and drainage works, repairing damage caused by accidents, and all general jobs related to the upkeep of the roads under their care. In addition, tasks included are such as establishing inventories and surveys of the state of the elements of roads, programming and coordination of the conservation activities, monitoring and reporting about the works in progress, and support activities such as road studies regarding accident reports and road safety.