Soundproofing of dwellings continues at Malaga Airport

Saturday 15 November 2014

Aena has finished making 800 homes soundproof in the vicinity of Malaga airport, in the area with airport noise footprint. These homes had applied for the soundproofing plan, and now nearly 97% of the "Noise Insulation Plan" is complete. More than 14 million euros were allocated for this plan which has made the inhabitants of the area a lot more comfortable when it comes to noise pollution from aircraft.

Specifically, Aena has already made changes to 810 homes and work is in progress in another 27. The total number of homes included in the Noise Insulation Plan is 911. To be able to request being included in this plan, three conditions have to be met. Conditions required are for the buildings to be dwellings or buildings for sensible use, within the area of the airport’s noise footprint and having construction permits issued prior the publication of the Environmental Impact Statements from 2003 or 2006.

Up to now, the Office of Management for the Soundproofing Plan has received over 850 petitions from neighbors, as told during the tenth meeting of the Monitoring Committee for this plan, which was held this week. The meeting was held between representatives from Aena, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, la Junta’s Office for Environment and Spatial Planning and members of the Town Councils of Malaga and Alhaurin de la Torre.