Study for new train link from Malaga to Marbella

20 January 2015

A study made on the design of the future train that will extend the commuter train line from Malaga airport to Marbella will be released during the first trimester of 2015. Ana Pastor, Ministry of Development, regards this train link as a very important to both the airport and the Costa del Sol generally and showed a very strong commitment to move the project forward.

Ana Pastor went on to say, "I commissioned the study of this line, which is about to be completed. In this quarter, although I can’t give an exact date, the public presentation of the report regarding train transportation in order to transfer passengers to and from Marbella will be made."

Ana Pastor also mentioned the northern road access to Malaga Airport, another of the projects that must be implemented during this legislature, with a scheduled budget. “The study has been finished and at the moment, is in the administrative process. As soon as possible, technically speaking, it will be launched. There is money allocated in the budged and I want it to be implemented”, she said.

The minister was less optimistic about the circular railway link project, making it clear that after receiving no bids the first time, another round of bids will be accepted. “It is a project in which private inversion will have to be included. The project involves testing new trains and therefore, I’d like to send a message to the entire train-manufacturing sector to get involved. Otherwise, it won’t be doable”, she said.