Taxi drivers raise funds for child cancer

31 January 2015

The Federation of Taxi Drivers in Andalucia, including drivers from Marbella and Malaga, have delivered a check for 8,000 euros to a Foundation against Cancer, with a focus on finding a child cancer cure. The event took place in the campus of the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Sevilla.

Miguel Ruano, president of the association has explained how the initiative was developed. “We are aware that in Spain, in terms of funding in the fight against cancer, we are at the bottom of the list when compared with other countries in our area. Therefore, we wanted, for the second year in a row to contribute a little bit with this effort and thus, support research, which gives hope.”

He also added that this year, taxi drivers from Madrid joined their effort and because of it, they have raised 8000 euros in Andalucía and 2000 euros in Madrid, improving the total fund raised from last year.

This amount had been collected through a completely altruistic initiative. Hundreds of female taxi drivers have allowed their image to appear in a charity calendar that has been sold in Andalucía, Murcia, Barcelona and Madrid.

Marta Cardona, director of the Cris Cancer Foundation wanted to express her appreciation for this fundraising effort. “We want to thank all the taxi drivers who participated and to drivers in Madrid who have also joined this year, their selfless collaboration with pediatric cancer research that, without a doubt is the best way to eradicate this disease.”

Cris against Cancer is a foundation dedicated to fund research projects exclusively developed in Spain and that gives great importance to projects focusing on childhood cancer. At the moment there are four research and clinical trials studying cancer in children. Marbella taxi drivers have also been active in the initiative.