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About Ronda

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful places to visit during your time in Spain, Ronda is one that needs to be moved to the top of your list. The town of Ronda is not only a beautiful town it is also one of the most visited in all of Spain, but if you are looking at the Andalucía area by itself it is the third most visited town in the area. And with everything that Ronda has to offer it is easy to see why it ranks so high.

Ronda is located in the middle of the Serrania de Ronda, about 100 kms from Malaga and is surrounded by some of the most amazing views. Situated above a deep ravine and surrounded by river valleys, Ronda is a place that many people only see on postcards. The breathtaking views found throughout the town of Ronda alone are enough to encourage people to visit, but this town has far more to offer than just astounding views.

As one of the oldest cities in Spain, Ronda was founded in the 9th Century; Ronda is made up of both a new town and old town. Its old town known as La Ciudad can actually be dated back to Islamic times where it was a very important cultural center. In touring the old town you will find it filled with palaces and mosques. It is these historic sites and the beautiful views that make Ronda such a sought after tourist destination.

As you explore Ronda you can’t help but notice the massive cliffs surrounding the town. It is thanks to these cliffs that Ronda was able to hold out as long as it did before it fell to the Catholic Monarchs during the Reconquest of Spain. The town itself is set around a rather deep gorge, known as El Tajo gorge, which Puente Nuevo is the cities most famous landmark, although the Parador Hotel that is located right next to the bridge is pretty popular too.  The bridge itself was completed in 1793 and took about forty two years to build. The point of the bridge was to join La Ciudad with El Mercadillo, which are the old and new parts of the town.

Ronda is home to stunning, breathtaking views, but it is also where bull fighting as we know it was discovered. And once a year you can watch the story unfold at the Feria Goyesca in the beginning of September. The festival involves fighters and audience members dressing up and playing various parts of the story. Legend has it that Pedro Romero, a legendary bullfighter, strayed from horseback bullfighting in the 18th century to establish the style where bullfighters, also known as matadors, stand their ground against the bulls on foot. If you are in town during the festival it is certainly a sight to see, but if not you can still stroll through the arena of the Plaza del Toros, as well as visit the museum.
Once you have been to Ronda you will find that you simply can’t wait to visit again. After exploring what the town has to offer you can begin to understand why it was such a favourite among the Romantics during the 19th Century and why it still continues to this day to attract so many writers and artists. Among some of the more notable artists and writers to visit Ronda are Orson Wells and Ernest Hemingway.