More Northern Europeans coming to learn Spanish
12 October 2014 The Board of Tourism of the Costa del Sol and the Spanish tourism offices in the Nordic countries have organized a commercialization action to market the potential of the idiomatic segment to an important group of travel agencies in these countries. This action is aimed to improve the promotion of the product
Agreement to be reached regarding sharing of clients in taxi sector
24 September 2014 The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has stated that it has not stopped working towards the implementation of the resolutions adopted last February for the taxi sector in the city of Malaga regarding the conflict generated by the sharing of customers between the taxi drivers in the capital city and the
Malaga sees growth in Russian market despite slowdown
16 September 2014 When it comes to tourism during recent months and with the Ukraine crisis as the epicenter, the rate of growth in the Russian market has slowed down. From the undisputed double digit growth that caused feverish expectations in the tourism industry, now tourism has slowed down. The expectations of most destinations in
The longest road in Spain
8 September 2014 With just over half a million square kilometers, Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe. Along with the mountainous terrain, communication between different places in Spain has been a clear challenge for engineers. The N340 is a great example of engineering as it is the longest road in Spain and probably
Data for Marbella is very encouraging
29 August 2014 Marbella has seen a significant growth in the number of tourists visiting the town during the month of July with an increase of 10% over the same month last year, according to the National Statistics. Marbella has had a very strong recovery in the domestic tourism sector, seeing an increase of 12%,
Marbella taxi driver in knife attack incident
22 August 2014 Khalid, a Spanish taxi driver of Moroccan origin, who lives and works in Marbella was stabbed while on duty. Another cab driver with whom Khalid shares a license has been arrested in connection with the stabbing. 41 year old Khalid said goodbye to his wife and left the house at 11:15 PM
Getting to Marbella by Train?
15 August 2014 The Minister of Public Works has announced that central government is now keen to extend the train along the western Costa del Sol and is currently studying alternatives for the route. They are also performing economic feasibility studies to the project which will bring the railway to the towns of Marbella and
Tourists arrive in mass to Marbella
9 August 2014 More than 2.500 flights and 430.000 tourists are expected to arrive to the town of Marbella and they all have a distinctive profile. Spaniards will spend less, the British tourists will be bragging about their extended stays and Germans will showing how much they can spend while on holiday. Many of these
How Sotogrande was born
31 July 2014 A blown tire in the Rolls Royce belonging to Prince Maximilian and his son, Alfonso de Honenlohe while they were travelling to Seville, led them to Marbella. It was a town with a population of barely 1.000 in which their relative, Ricardo Soriano, Marquis of Ivanreay, already lived at. The Hohenloe family
New walkway from Mijas to Marbella
15 July 2014 Work on a coastal path, meant for cyclists and pedestrians that will link the towns of Mijas with Marbella in the province of Malaga has begun. The project has a deadline of three month’s. It will be ready to be opened before the end of this year. The path will be six